How Do You Think It Happened?

Matthew 9:9 says that Jesus saw a man named Matthew sitting at the tax collector’s booth. He said, “Follow me,” and Matthew got up and followed him. When you read that verse, what comes to your mind?

Do you think this is a complete description of their interaction? Do you think this was the first time they saw each other? That Jesus wanted Matthew to have to make a quick decision based on no information? That Matthew’s quick response was a measure of his faith?

How else could you view Matthew’s account of his own calling from Jesus? Could it be that this is only a brief summary of a much longer conversation? That Jesus and Matthew had previously come into contact many times in the small town of Capernaum? That Matthew had watched Jesus teach and heal many times, and Jesus was asking him to quit wavering and make a firm commitment?

Who else could have been behind-the-scenes? Could Jesus’ followers who lived in Capernaum have influenced Matthew, and told Jesus that he was ready to become a believer?

How would you tell your own story of becoming a follower of Jesus?