Bad Breath Proves the Point

I love talking to students of the Bible about their imaginative inferences.

While writing a script for the upcoming Genesis & Job Series, I had the pleasure of lunching with Scott L. Johnson, a true scholar of the Old Testament book of Job. Scott is a master at pointing out interesting perspectives. For instance, many people believe Job’s wife left him since she is not specifically mentioned again after Job 2. Scott maintains that, far from being a spiteful shrew who might have left her husband, Job’s wife was loving and faithful to the end. He led me through a long list of verses causing me to agree to his conclusion. The final proof was Job 19:17 (in the middle of the endless dialogues that most people skip), a verse showing she stayed with him during the worst of his health and poverty. Job says, “My breath is offensive to my wife, and I stink to my brothers and sisters.”