Eyewitness Bible Series is pleased to present the Christmas Series. This series is a collection of ten new episodes designed to be watched on the three Sundays prior to Christmas week, plus the seven days of Christmas week, ending on Christmas day.

The Third Sunday Before Christmas Week: Episode One is narrated by the prophet, Isaiah. He explains how the prophets of the Old Testament foretold the coming of mankind’s savior, Jesus, long before he was born.

The Second Sunday Before Christmas Week: Episode Two is narrated by a Magi, a wise man from the East. He explains why the wise men of Babylon have been looking for a new king of the Jews for the previous several hundred years.

The Seventh Day before Christmas: Episode Three is narrated by Elizabeth, a close relative of Mary. Elizabeth miraculously conceived of John the Baptist, so she was completely prepared for Mary to have a miraculous birth, too.

Jesus Before Baby Jesus

Do you think Adam and Eve were a failed experiment of God? Do you think the Law of Moses and the Tabernacle were just more failed creations of God? What about the Temple built by Solomon, or the second Temple built after the exile of the Jews to Assyria and Babylon? Or the Jewish people themselves? Do you think God gave it his best shot, but these things just didn’t work out the way he’d hoped?

If you think that way, then it might follow God conceived of the idea of Jesus a short while before he was born. That Jesus is just one more of God’s ideas that he hoped would work out better than some of his others. Few Christians would probably word these conclusions so crudely, but they probably do at least partially represent what many people unknowingly believe.

On the other hand, many Christians believe all of those events and people were part of God’s plan that existed before the beginning of time itself; and that God knew before the creation of the world that only Jesus could be the Savior of the World (Revelation13:8).

Primary Scriptures:
Isaiah 9:6, 11:1; Micah 5:2; John 1:1-3
Story Summary:
Prophecies about the baby Jesus
Kingdom of Judea (Israel)
Circa 750 BC