References Overview

Reference 1: A set of maps useful for studying the Bible. These maps were copied from the Archaeological Study Bible, Copyright@2005 by Zondervan, as shown on the bottom of the maps.

  • Map 1 World of the Patriarchs
  • Map 2 Holy Land and Sinai (2 pages)
  • Map 3 Exodus and Conquest of Canaan
  • Map 4 Land of the Twelve Tribes
  • Map 5 Kingdom of David and Solomon
  • Map 6 Kingdoms of Israel and Judah
  • Map 7 Prophets in Israel and Judah
  • Map 8 Assyrian and Babylonian Empires
  • Map 9 Holy Land in the Time of Jesus
  • Map 10 Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus
  • Map 11 Jesus’ Ministry
  • Map 12 Apostles’ Early Travels
  • Map 13 Paul’s Missionary Journeys (2 pages)
  • Map 14 Roman Empire

Reference 2: A Chronology of the Apostle Paul, by J. Paul Tanner, ThM, PhD. 5th Edition: December 28, 2014

Reference 3: A Chronology of Acts of the Apostles. Falling in Love with Jesus’ People, by Rubel Shelly, Page 147

Reference 4: Selected Reference Materials Useful for Bible study

Reference 5: Map of trade routes and roads near ancient Israel. From

Reference 6: First Century Emperors, Procurators, and Rulers in Israel