Introducing Eyewitness Bible Series

Eyewitness Bible Series
Introducing Eyewitness Bible Series

The Eyewitness Bible Series narratives are designed to spark your imagination and provoke your curiosity about the Bible. Episodes are entertaining and uniquely effective for teaching individuals, families, small groups and churches.

Each episode is 12-18 minutes long and addresses a portion of the Bible from the viewpoint of a Bible personality. Imagine Mary telling about the birth of Jesus, Satan disclosing how he tempted Jesus in the wilderness, and Mary Magdalene imparting her story of being the first person to see the resurrected Jesus.

Each narrative provides historical, cultural, and chronological information that the original writers and hearers of the Bible knew, but are not well-known by most people today. These narratives are not recitations of Scripture, but stories told by eyewitness accounts in their own unique way.