One-Hit Wonders

The term “one-hit wonder” is most commonly used to designate musicians who had only one popular song. For example, one list of “The Greatest One-Hit Wonders of All Time” ranks the 1996 Los del Rios’ song, “Macarena,” at number one.

For purposes of this series, a “one-hit wonder” is a Bible character who is mentioned once, sometimes not even by name. Some of these characters play critical parts in important events, and some just give us an interesting glimpse into their world.

Because little is known about these minor characters, it is necessary to give them personalities that would be reasonable for the situation, then concentrate the episode of the Eyewitness Bible Series around events portrayed in the Bible.

As we often caution, we are not trying to add to what the Bible says; we are simply trying to add context that will help you understand the Bible better. We invite you to read the applicable Scriptures for these stories so you will know exactly what the Bible says.

Just as some one-hit wonder songs are a bit whimsical. Perhaps you will find some of these stories to be the same way. I hope you enjoy them, and learn some unexpected things.


How To Rule The World

Other than the resurrection, Jesus’ feeding of the five thousand is the only miracle recorded in all four gospels. It is likely that only Matthew and John were there to see it.

Matthew says Jesus retired to a solitary place by boat after hearing of the death of John the Baptist. The crowd watched him and followed on foot. When he landed he saw the great crowd, had compassion and healed their sick. As evening approached, the disciples asked Jesus to send the crowd away so they could buy food in the villages of the area.; instead, Jesus told the disciples not to send them away, but to give them something to eat. They said they had only five loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus blessed those and gave them to the disciples, who gave them to the people. After all had eaten their fill, the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces. Jesus fed five thousand men, besides the women and children.

Mark adds that Jesus began teaching when he landed; the disciples said it would take more than half a year’s wages to buy food to feed the crowd; and Jesus told them to find out how many loaves and fishes were available. He also wrote that Jesus had the crowd sit down in groups of fifties and hundreds.

A Regular Mother
Primary Scriptures:
Matthew 14:13-21; Mark 6:31-44; Luke 9:12-17; John 6:1-14
Story Summary:
The feeding of the five thousand begins with loaves and fishes from a boy
A mountainside in Galilee
Circa 28 AD