Introduction to the Bible

The Introduction to the Bible Series consists of five episodes designed to present God and the Bible to those who have little or no knowledge about them.

Over the last several decades, church attendance in America has declined dramatically and many churches have deemphasized teaching directly from the Bible. Coupling these with changes in public education content has caused common knowledge of God and the Bible to also decline dramatically.

These episodes are meant to give a basic introduction to the Bible. They show the physical structure of the Bible being 66 writings which are called books. These are separated into two parts: 39 of the books are in the Old Testament and 27 are in the New Testament. The Old Testament tells the history of the ancient Jewish people, and the New Testament tells of the life and teachings of Jesus.

Overall, the Bible is a love story of God and his people. It is the greatest love story ever tolD.


David is one of the most well-known of all Bible characters but there is much about him that is not known. The Bible introduces David in 1 Samuel 16:1-13. The prophet Samuel has been instructed by God to go to the house of David’s father to anoint one of the sons as a future replacement for King Saul. After a fruitless interview of Jesse’s first seven sons, the eighth son is summoned to appear from tending the sheep.

Apparently, David is so insignificant that his usual location is out with the sheep rather than with his older brothers. It is possible that his father neglected to teach David much about the scriptures. From David’s later life, it is clear that he has a special love of God, but it is not clear he has a solid knowledge of the Scriptures. In fact, when King David later tries to move the Arc of the Covenant to Jerusalem, he does not seem to know how it should be done.

At that time in his life, David had personal knowledge of God from his observations of nature and a relationship with God through his prayer life. What he likely needed was more specific knowledge that can be gained through reading and studying the Scriptures.

Primary Scriptures:
1 Samuel 16:1-13
Story Summary:
How valuable is the Bible?
Circa 1000 AD