Introduction to the Bible

The Introduction to the Bible Series consists of five episodes designed to present God and the Bible to those who have little or no knowledge about them.

Over the last several decades, church attendance in America has declined dramatically and many churches have deemphasized teaching directly from the Bible. Coupling these with changes in public education content has caused common knowledge of God and the Bible to also decline dramatically.

These episodes are meant to give a basic introduction to the Bible. They show the physical structure of the Bible being 66 writings which are called books. These are separated into two parts: 39 of the books are in the Old Testament and 27 are in the New Testament. The Old Testament tells the history of the ancient Jewish people, and the New Testament tells of the life and teachings of Jesus.

Overall, the Bible is a love story of God and his people. It is the greatest love story ever tolD.

Intro to the Old Testament

The Old Testament can be viewed as the story of God creating the universe and all things in it, including humankind. Because he loves his creations so much, he continually acts in their benefit so they can be in relationship with him, but they often choose to separate themselves from him by their actions and beliefs.

The Bible consists of two parts named the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament contains the same things as the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) used by the Jews, but the material is arranged in a different order. The Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew by many different writers from about 1500 BC to 400 BC. The Old Testament is not written in chronological order but it grouped by subject. The writings in the Old Testament are called “books.”

Primary Scriptures:
Genesis 1:1
Story Summary:
An introduction to the Old Testament
Circa 1500 BC